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Children’s paradise farm
When you go on holidays with children there are so many things that must be taken care of - is the holiday destination suitable and family-friendly, does the hotel offer special dishes for kids, is there a special program for youngsters?
A holiday on a farm is the ideal option for kids. There is so much for them to explore and enjoy – the natural surroundings, fresh air, wholesome traditional food, the farm animals and more. Children learn while playing. A farm is a place full of adventures and discovery for children. They relish such new experiences as milking cows, feeding hens, bringing in the hay, making bread and cakes, cooking and the many other opportunities for them to roll up their sleeves.
Children living in big towns and cities have such few opportunities to have real contact with nature and animals. A farmstead offers fun and the opportunity to learn about nature, country traditions and how to treat with the animals responsibly.
Many farms offer horse riding courses, hiking trips, lessons about nature and herbs, adventure playgrounds, "Cooking and baking" of traditional food and much more. On the farm and in the surroundings there is so much to discover and to learn, even more than you thought. The daily life of the farmer and his wife is a source of much fascination and wonder for children.

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